About us

Medibase is an industrial company that has been operating within the phytotherapy and medical nutrition sector since 1995; it has been one of the first Italian companies in the Nutraceuticals field. Medibase products are dedicated to General Practitioners and Specialist medical doctors and they are distributed in Italy through pharmacies and sold to private and public hospitals.
All products are the result of an accurate assessment of the news rising in this sector, which is continuously evolving in terms of both scientific research and technical availability. Medibase products originate from a comprehensive study of the market by our R&D followed by accurate and fair study of the manufacturing of such preparations (kind of extract, titration, most appropriate pharmaceutical form, etc…).

In order to support the projects, Medibase makes use of a highly professional team of external consultants, specialists in the aspects of Marketing, Medical and Regulatory Affairs.
The company hold two products covered by patent and one of them has an European patent.

Nutraceutical is something serious!

Medibase products are dedicated to specific therapeutic areas:
– Anxiety and depressive conditions
– Vascular disorders
– Dyspepsia
– Salt supplements and multivitamin complexes (adults – paediatric)
– Fat-soluble vitamin dietary supplements
– Symbiotics & Probiotics
– Products for chondroprotection
– Mucolytic – expectorant syrups (adults – paediatric)
– Treatment for hypercholesterolemia

Our team

Dott. Andrea Mangiapane


Giovanni Lauretta

Commercial director

Raffaella Cavaliere

Commercial manager

Claudia Burzacca

Responsible administrative office

Lucia Mari